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Windows manufactured in Poland

GEALAN profile windows are not only aesthetically pleasing, the sophisticated and elaborate profile geometries meet the highest requirements in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, burglary protection and ventilation. Windows made from GEALAN profiles represent the state of the art.

The flexible centre seal contributes significantly to the thermal insulation of the window. In addition, it protects the hardware components from moisture and thus ensures a more efficient operation of the hardware when opening the window, especially at low temperatures outside.

Głębokość systemu
Wysokość ramy i skrzydła
Przenikalność cieplna dla okna referencyjnego w kolorze białym
Dźwiękochłonność dla okna przebadanego
Gealan 8000
74 mm
66 / 78 mm
od 24 do 46 mm
0,85 W/m2xK
32-47 db
Gealan 9000
82,5 mm
70 / 82 mm
od 24 do 52 mm
0,73 W/m2xK
32-48 db

window systems

Windows S8000

Windows S9000

Windows S9000




Due to the increasingly airtight building envelope, a controlled, tailor-made and user-independent air exchange is necessary.

Because only controlled ventilation makes it possible to create a healthy indoor climate that increases living comfort and energy efficiency, while also protecting the substance of the building.

We offer the best ventilation systems from renowned manufacturers.


Their attractive appearance is determined by the ideal combination of aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and materials used. Their durability and the possibility of choosing an optional colour are equally important advantages of the new handles. Innovative, ergonomic shape, comfortable and easy operation, design in line with modern architectural trends, numerous colour variations to match any interior, Secustik system, pushbutton or key for additional protection against uninvited guests, TBT handle for child safety (cannot be opened without the key), handle for micro ventilation with additional 45° stroke. Translated with (free version)


The wide range of completely concealed solutions offered by SIEGENIA with its axxent products not only allows you to follow the latest trends. The range of axxent solutions includes door hardware, door hinges and mechanical drives, all of which set new standards wherever they appear.