S9000 system windows

Reliable centre seal system

With a depth of 82.5 mm, the S9000 system will satisfy the highest expectations! It is a system that combines the advantages and features of both centre and stop seals. Excellent thermal protection is provided by the width of the system, six chambers in the frame and sash, and a consistent system of gaskets arranged in three planes.

Increased thermal insulation of the PVC S9000 window is possible thanks to the flexible centre seal. It also serves to protect the hardware components against moisture, and thus also ensures that they work more efficiently when opening the window, especially at low temperatures outside.

PVC windows fitted with a chip with access to the WindowPass mobile application

New possibilities thanks to the integrated chip in the PVC window

The solution consists of an NFC chip, a web interface (Cockpit) and two mobile applications (MontageProfi and WindowPass). Using an NFC chip embedded in a window or door sash, window data, orders and objects can be managed digitally. Unambiguous identification and accessible information facilitate installation and customer acceptance.
protective coating made of acrylic glass

innovative acrylcolor technology

AcrylColor windows are made from special profiles with an external coating of acrylic glass. Already at the production stage of window profiles, liquid PVC and liquid acrylic glass are joined in a permanent and inseparable manner. An additional layer of acrylic glass on the external side of the profile makes AcrylColor windows much more durable than standard PVC windows.
The thick acrylic glass coating is permanently bonded to the white PVC backing. It is easy to remove any scratches from it – just a drop of water and a few rubs with a cleaning cloth. The perfectly smooth surface of AcrylColor windows even repels dirt and grime.
V-Perfect technology means the highest aesthetic values of manufactured windows

v-perfect - invisible profile joints

V-Perfect, a weld that makes the profile connection almost invisible! This welding technology allows for perfect joining of PVC window and door profiles and obtaining the so-called thin welds, of previously unattainable quality.
noprefect perfect
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Safety of our windows

Anti-theft hooks

Bezpieczeństwo, lekkość działania i trwałość: to cechy wyróżniające nasze okucia! Thanks to the durable combination of plastic and steel, the flat form (only 8 mm high) and the easy drilling technology, the anti-burglary strikers used in our PVC joinery easily meet the requirements of burglary resistance class RC2 and can also be used as a supplementary element. Minimal friction, without any compromise in terms of comfort or appearance.
Anti-theft strikers in our PVC joinery offer a high level of security and lasting comfort thanks to the roller lift and the combination with the rotary mushroom cams!