Aluminium doors

Innovative system solutions

The integration of the hardware groove and the cable duct in the central profile chamber offers economic advantages through simplified production. Easy and quick installation of hardware, system components and accessories, as well as automation systems integrated in the door, is ensured. Another innovation, already patent-pending, is the seamless hybrid combination of thermal break and aluminium, which minimises the bimetallic effect.

genesis 75

Aliplast Genesis 75 is a three-chamber system, which is primarily designed for window structures with increased thermal insulation, while maintaining the highest ergonomics and modern aesthetics. This window and door system may be used both in public utility buildings and single- and multi-family houses.


A window and door system with high thermal insulation parameters thanks to the use of special thermal inserts that are inserted between thermal breaks and around the glass pane.


ADS 75 HD is an aluminium door system that combines high durability and stability with attractive design options and features. It is the ideal solution for heavy door leaves and those oversized.y.

electromechanical multi-point locking systems

Since half of all burglars get into homes through windows, the level of security provided by windows is extremely important. That’s why burglar resistance should be given a high priority when choosing your windows. In terms of security, our windows allow for burglary protection levels up to RC3 in all permitted window sizes.
Handles and pulls

Quality you can see

The most popular set of door fittings are escutcheons with handles on both sides of the door. Most of these sets are equipped with a mechanism supporting the handle movement. This is a universal solution requiring no special explanation.

Most of them are fixed elements, only some knobs come in two variants: fixed and rotating. Fixed knobs are used wherever, for example, you want to close the door quickly without having to turn the key every time. In the case of these handles, it is important which doors they are intended for, whether for right or left-handed doors.

handles and grab handles

Higher closing comfort

Only the highest quality hardware is able to provide doors with security you can rely on. This approach has made KFV the market leader in multi-point locking systems. Our solutions are not only a variety of different locking mechanisms, but above all a perfectly coordinated system with components of the highest quality.
tilt before turn

Rigid T2 chain

The advantages of this solution: protection against uninvited guests, no scratches/damage to the door surface caused by hanging chains, locking from the inside with the knob, the knob and handle axes are at the same distance from the faceplate, can be opened from the outside with a key.