Door system S8000

Elegance right from the threshold

The front door is the showpiece of every home. They create a positive atmosphere right from the threshold and add charm and elegance to the interior. To suit every taste, the new door system is available in both classic and design versions, where the door panel is flush with the frame.
In order to obtain the best static properties in S800 IQ doors, the transverse bridges have been placed in such a way as to enable installation of the largest possible steel reinforcement. Such a solution in a 74 mm deep profile allows for installation of steel with bending strength even 30% higher, while pre-milled reinforcements allow for quick installation of the lock.

Threshold for front and balcony doors

The threshold for entrance and balcony doors in the S8000 IQ system is only 20 mm high and is suitable for disabled people’s homes. Thanks to its aluminium cap it is very durable, while its multi-level structure and the sealing block mounted in the corners ensure the highest tightness.

electromechanical multi-point espagnolettes

Since half of all burglars get into homes through windows, the level of security provided by windows is extremely important. That’s why burglar resistance should be given a high priority when choosing your windows. In terms of security, our windows allow for burglary protection levels up to RC3 in all permitted window sizes.

Higher closing comfort

Only the highest quality hardware is able to provide doors with security you can rely on. This approach has made KFV the market leader in multi-point locking systems. Our solutions are not only a variety of different locking mechanisms, but above all a perfectly coordinated system with components of the highest quality.

Sztywny łańcuch T2

The advantages of this solution: protection against uninvited guests, no scratches/damage to the door surface caused by hanging chains, locking from the inside with the knob, the knob and handle axes are at the same distance from the faceplate, can be opened from the outside with a key.