Thanks to the way the roller blinds look, they are a guarantee of extraordinary freedom in shaping the entire architectural design of the house. The sun and weather protection blinds are optimal and can be either angular or round, so they are suitable for any architectural style.

The roller shutters are tested for compliance with resistance class WK2. They have sensational values such as patented anti-lift protection, double neoprene and steel inserts in the end rail, stable guide rail with additional protection against dismantling and roller blind armouring made of reinforced extruded aluminium.

External roller shutters aluprof

Roller-shutters in adaptive systems are intended mainly for use in existing buildings. The advantage of these products is undoubtedly the lack of interference in the current state of the building, as they do not require special preparations for installation and are not integrated with the window. Thanks to this, the decision to install roller blinds in an adaptive system can be made at any time. These solutions can be mounted to the window joinery (in a recess) or directly on the wall. In the first case, we recommend the SKP semi-oval box systems, which provide a perfect connection with the façade, or SK and SKE systems (version with extruded box), where the box is cut at an angle of 45°.

Aluprof concealed external roller shutters

Pre-wall systems are intended primarily for use in newly constructed buildings. However, after making necessary changes in the lintel area, these products can also be installed in existing buildings. It is important to plan the application of such solutions and the manner of their installation already at the building design stage, which allows for more effective use of the functional advantages of such systems. Concealed roller blinds provide excellent thermal insulation, as they do not interfere with the structure of the window, door or lintel, thus not affecting the energy balance of the building. What is more, these products blend in perfectly with the façade, forming its integral part.

Attachment roller shutters skt opoterm

The system of overhead shutters is Aluprof’s proposal addressed to people who expect a functional solution. OPOTERM SKT roller shutters can be applied both in newly erected buildings and during modernisation of the existing buildings when replacing the window joinery. The overhead shutter system is characterised by direct mounting of the shutter box on the window frame using an appropriate adaptive profile. These boxes are made of very good quality PVC elements and their inside has been additionally insulated, thus increasing thermal insulation. The SKT Opoterm roller shutter system from Aluprof has been awarded a certificate in terms of thermal permeability by the renowned IFT Rosenheim research centre.

Opposite blinds skb opoterm

The SKB Styroterm roller shutter system is a highly technologically advanced solution, designed to improve the energy balance of a building. Tests carried out in the renowned research institute IFT ROSENHEIM have shown that the proposed solution is characterised by an extremely low thermal transmittance coefficient (Usb as low as 0.29 W/m²K), which places this system in a leading position among other products of this type. Similarly as in the case of the Opoterm system, the roller blind assembly consists in direct mounting of the box on the window frame with the use of a suitably selected adaptation profile. Aluprof offers several variants, which are compatible with 90% of the profiles available on the market.SKB Styroterm system has been designed to be completely embedded in the insulation, thanks to which the box remains an unnoticeable element of the building façade.
Privacy zone

Silence and complete privacy

The offered profiles let the light through as the only ones on the market. This allows you to precisely adjust the amount of incoming light and also control it to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Thanks to this, rooms can be individually illuminated and private spheres can be secured while leaving noise outside. By using daylight, you can also save on artificial light energy costs, while in winter, although it is bright inside the house, the cold remains outside.


Maximum comfort
Easy installation

Roller blinds serve primarily to protect against light, noise and even burglary. By regulating the light that comes in until it is completely blacked out, our private sphere is protected from prying eyes. Blinds effectively protect rooms from overheating in summer and reduce heating costs in winter by keeping out the cold and limiting heat loss. Conclusion: a pleasant atmosphere in your home and high comfort all year round!