Smoovio! New on offer.

Smoovio, comfort and space saving! Space in the home is precious and should be used optimally. The GEALAN-SMOOVIO® sliding system ensures user comfort, saves space and is extremely airtight. The unique properties of the new sliding system are the result of a synergic combination of elements such as the new design of the hardware components, the innovative profile geometry and the sophisticated shape of the seals. Intelligent components fulfil their function while remaining invisible to the eye, thanks to precisely fitting gaskets that run along the entire circumference. All this guarantees the highest tightness and protection against negative atmospheric factors, and thus a high level of thermal insulation. Now, until the end of April, with a 15% discount you can buy the most airtight sliding doors on the market in the GEALAN system – Smoovio.

You can ask for details of the promotion:
– at the headquarters of the company:
GABIT, Bytów, ul. Leśna 5
– By phone:
+48 59 822 15 50
– e-mail:
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