HS sliding systems

HS sliding systems are becoming increasingly popular!

Installing window and door joinery in such natural surroundings is a pleasure! Apart from the favourable weather, it was nice to look at the final effects of our work.

Short description of the implementation

For this project, our client opted for the HS joinery system. This solution requires profile systems with a special design. This is a lift-and-slide system that even children can easily operate. Through the handle mechanism, the sash is first lifted and then slid. It works the same way the other way round. When closing, once the handle is in the closed position, the sash locks and drops. This seals the gap at the bottom of the sash.

HS joinery is a solution that allows a lot of daylight to enter our house. In addition, it provides us with a panoramic view of the immediate surroundings and creates a unique interior design. Large, glazed wings of HS sliding doors and their surface are trouble-free to use. They are extremely light and comfortable.

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