Flats in Gdynia

We are working on a new project in Gdynia!

We are currently working on our latest project – Unique apartment buildings in Gdynia. It is a complex of three intimate villa and business buildings located in a district with direct contact with the sea and the nature reserve – Kępa Redłowska. This unique place gives you a unique possibility of contact with nature while still being in the city. Can you imagine a more beautiful place?

Apartment buildings are residential buildings that have been very popular in recent years. They are designed in high standard and made of high quality materials. Therefore our windows and doors could not be missing in Unique flats. Situated in a prestigious location in Gdynia, which makes the number of people willing to live there grow very quickly. Attractiveness of the location and prestige of the place of residence are able to attract many interested people.

Personally, we are happy to take part in the realisation of this project and we hope for more such investments in public space, both in Poland and abroad.

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