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The front door is the showpiece of every home. They create a positive atmosphere right from the threshold and add charm and elegance to any interior. The new door system satisfies a variety of tastes. The system includes doors with a classic look as well as a design version where the door panel is set flush with the frame.
Whether it’s unbearably hot or freezing outside, thermally insulated doors ensure a pleasant, constant room climate. In the cold season the heat stays inside the house, and in the summer the interior is pleasantly cool.
Głębokość systemu
Wysokość ramy i skrzydła
Przenikalność cieplna dla okna referencyjnego w kolorze białym
Dźwiękochłonność dla okna przebadanego
Gealan 8000
74 mm
66 / 78 mm
od 24 do 46 mm
0,85 W/m2xK
32-47 db
Gealan 9000
82,5 mm
70 / 82 mm
od 24 do 52 mm
0,73 W/m2xK
32-48 db

Doors S8000


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Aluminium doors


Aluminium doors HST