V-Perfect technology


V-Perfect, a weld that makes the profile connection almost invisible! This welding technology allows for perfect joining of PVC window and door profiles and obtaining the so-called thin welds, of previously unattainable quality. V-Perfect completely eliminates the occurrence of efflorescence in the process of connecting profiles by controlling weld pressure.
All this makes PVC windows and doors easily adaptable to various architectural visions and ideas. V-Perfect is a technology that uncovers a new dimension of beauty and functionality of window and door joinery. Thanks to the new flushless technology, PVC windows and doors are becoming an important element of interior design and not just an ordinary building material.
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highest aesthetic values of manufactured windows


V-Perfect is a patented technology which uses the method of shaped corners joining in PVC windows. Thanks to this method, it is possible to precisely join the profiles, which translates into both aesthetics and functionality of the window. Shortcomings and limitations of the traditionally applied profile welding technologies have been eliminated thanks to the implementation of numerical control systems during their processing and joining. When profiles are joined, they are precisely interlocked, which guarantees the strength and durability of the window and door joinery.
V-Perfect meets the highest quality standards of welding, which is preceded by precise milling and facing of the corners of the PVC window. V-Perfect makes it possible to join complicated shaped profiles. Moreover, by using this method, high tightness of the window is achieved, which protects it from negative atmospheric phenomena.