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State-of-the-art technology

Facades are modern curtain walls which have various – simple or original – shapes. They fulfil decorative, representative and utility functions at the same time. Thanks to the natural lightness of aluminium and its exceptional static parameters, it is possible to create structures of impressive dimensions, which combine functionality with a diversity of shapes.

The facades we produce are robust and durable and have excellent thermal insulation. A wide range of construction colours to choose from in the rich RAL palette or in wood-like colours allows you to match any façade. An additional advantage of our facades is the possibility to apply many opening elements, i.e. various types of windows and doors.

simple and convenient assembly system


We offer you advice and technical support at every stage of work – from design, measurement and production to assembly. We cooperate with architects and constructors in designing statics. When implementing glass façade projects we supervise it from the very beginning of the investment, i.e. from the very first conceptual and design works. Thanks to the flexibility of our activity we adjust to your guidelines and needs selecting the appropriate facade systems.

We provide you with our assistance from technical advice at the design stage through measurement, production and installation. We also provide support in designing statics for architects and constructors. When implementing a glass façade project for you, we take care of it from the very first conceptual and design works. Choosing the appropriate facade systems and materials we adapt to your wishes.

tried and tested solutions

The best systems on the market

For extremely demanding roof glazing applications, we recommend our innovative sealing system, which provides maximum thermal insulation and is easy to install thanks to its integrated screw guidance. In the case of projects requiring large-area double-glazing, our construction will prove its worth in terms of load-bearing capacity and guidance of fixing screws, all thanks to innovative, patented system components.

With the latest system variant, it is possible to use the overlay construction on steel and timber substructures with a width of more than 60 mm. An innovative generation of seals permits large ventilation cross-sections, especially in the roof area, and the insulator system and additional sealing with butyl tape provide extremely robust protection.