Facade shutters – what are their advantages?

Facade blinds are a modern and very elegant solution for external window protection.
Thanks to excellent protection against the sun, they are ideal for energy-efficient houses. They are also a great protection against unwanted guests. The SKB-F façade blinds and Raffstore façade blinds are very popular.

The former are a type of overhead shutters. They are a highly technologically advanced solution, designed to improve the energy balance of a building. They can be applied both in newly constructed buildings and during modernization of the existing buildings while replacing the window joinery. This system of facade roller shutters can be used in 90% of joinery available on the market.

Raffstore lamellas are equally popular. They allow you to regulate the settings of the slats, so you can decide for yourself about the amount of light entering the house and protection from the sun’s rays, while having an unobstructed view outside. This solution allows you to take full advantage of the daylight that enters the building, while protecting you from glare. This type of solution is great for both apartments and office spaces.

To complete comfort in your own home there is a possibility to control the blinds with a remote control. Thanks to this in easy, pleasant and comfortable way we can control the amount of sunlight that we let inside. This unique solution fits perfectly into the idea of Smart Home, so that in our home we can feel even more comfortable.

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