HST aluminium doors

Comfort at home

Thanks to their perfect design, the large elements can be moved with practically no effort and the large glass panes ensure effective lighting of the interior both when the doors are open and closed. The almost invisible threshold bridges the divide between inside and outside.
Energy efficiency and thermal insulation are playing an increasingly important role in both new construction and the modernisation of residential and public buildings.

Ultra glide

Aluminium system with increased thermal insulation, intended for designing sliding or lift-and-slide structures. The UG sliding structures are intended for use in residential buildings, mainly individual and public utility buildings.


Aluminium sliding and lift-and-slide door system with high thermal insulation – perfect watertightness, excellent sound insulation and burglary protection to class RC 2 inclusive.
Handles and pulls

Quality you can see

Thanks to its well-thought-out concept, the PSK comfort hardware system offers a wide range of design possibilities and allows you to easily realise a variety of design requirements. For example, you can visually match handles and covers in a wide range of standard colours: silver, old gold, F9. PSK-Z comfort also available in stainless steel. In addition, PSK elements combine space saving with convenient operation. Even large tilt and slide patio doors are easy to open and close.
Higher closing comfort

New fittings

Less is more. This statement fits perfectly with the new SIEGENIA PS 200 comfort hardware for bi-folding doors: all unnecessary extras have been removed and we have concentrated on the best possible performance of the basic functions. This has resulted in an extremely user-friendly product. This is primarily due to the intuitive operation that is familiar from Turn-Only windows.



In addition, the design of the fittings allows for continuous sealing, which eliminates draughts, increasing the feeling of comfort and reducing energy consumption. The system’s unquestionable advantage is also a high level of security, as even the basic version of the PS 200 comfort hardware provides burglary protection up to class RC2.